Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charlie Freak

Here's a short, random post. I have "Charlie Freak" by Steely Dan stuck in my head. It's from Pretzel Logic, which is Steely Dan's most awesome album other than The Royal Scam, Can't Buy A Thrill, Countdown to Ecstasy, and of course Aja. I'm a Steely Dan geek, which you may not have known about me and probably could have gone to your grave in blissful ignorance thereof. Still, it's a fact.

So I'm thinking that if I expel the "Charlie Freak" demon from my brain by casting it into my blog, I can go to bed tonight without it taking up precious brain bandwidth required for sleep. Also for crazy-ass dreams where I try to drive home but end up walking through a rocky gorge with a stream running through it in the middle of a town I've never been to before. You know, that dream.

Anyway, I cast you  out, "Charlie Freak" by Steely Dan. Worm your way into someone else's head. And don't think you can slide in just because there's a vacancy up there, "Barrytown." You'd like that, wouldn't you? Well, forget it. I'm going to bed. Come my friend, I'll take your hand and lead you home.


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