Saturday, July 2, 2011

A-peel-ing Images

When Precocious Daughter was younger, she loved the series of books by Joost Effers and Saxton Paymann featuring whimsical photos of fruit and vegetable characters.

Of course, I was taken by them first. I just love these little personality-filled food sculptures. I brought the books home, and together we giggled for hours.

Sometimes all you want to do is smile and say, "Isn't that clever?" And these books are perfect for that. In fact, PDaughter insisted on keeping hers when we boxed up her other "little kid" books. They're sweet and fun to look at.

So on this Saturday night, I give you some free smiles. Actually, you can thank PDaughter; tonight's post was her idea. The books are pretty easy to find, or you can Google the authors' names and get plenty of images online. They're kind of addictive, in the best way.

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