Thursday, May 5, 2011

Songs That Are Sad, Part 2

As Elton John once said, sad songs say so much.  But you're not going to find that song here, because for a song about sad songs, it's not really a very sad song.  Got that?  Here are some more of my favorite God-I'm-depressed songs, as sung by the ladies. (Part 1 is here.)

Janis Joplin, "Maybe."  Probably my favorite Janis song.  The horns are sad, the lyrics are sad, and the vocals are heartbreakingly raw and pleading.  Whenever you listen to Janis Joplin, you can't help but be wistful, not because of how she sang, but because she didn't sing nearly enough before she was gone.

Sample sad lyrics:  "Maybe/Oh if I could pray, and I try, dear/You might come back home, home to me."

Janis Ian, "Tea and Sympathy." Hmmm. Starting to be glad I didn't name my daughter Janis. And really, which of Janis Ian's songs couldn't be included on a list like this? Bestest Friend introduced me to her music long ago, and ever since she's been my go-to girl when I'm feeling down (Janis Ian, not Bestest Friend...on the other hand, I guess I mean both of them). I wanted to put a great song called "Down and Away" in this spot, but I couldn't a YouTube link. Believe me, this is just as worthy a tear-jerker.

Sample sad lyrics: "It's a long long time til morning plays wasted on the dawn/And I'll not write another line, for my true love is gone."

"Jar of Hearts," Christina Perri.  A brand-new track, and already one of my favorite sad songs. This girl has some great pipes, and the harmonies put a lump in my throat. So glad there are still singers like this out there.

Sample sad lyrics: "I know I can't take one more step towards you/'Cause all that's waiting is regret/And don't you know I'm not your ghost any more?"

Also, although I couldn't find an Internet link to it, if you have a Pandora or Rhapsody account go play "Jane" by Christine Lavin. Not a love song, but one of the saddest songs about little girls grown up that I've ever heard.

Part 3 coming up. Sad yet?

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