Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Moose

Well, heck, some of you were really pleased with the part of yesterday's post that featured Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Moose. I was, too. So was Precocious Daughter, who had never seen the famous moose and his ping-poll ball schtick before.

There's a lot to love about the Captain and his puppet friends. So I've scoured the Interwebs to bring you a few more clips, just in case you haven't smiled enough today.

First we have the classic ping-pong gag, in a longer form than what I brought you yesterday.

Here's more of Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit, and smack dab in the middle, there's skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, who was just a cute little kid when he appeared on "Captain Kangaroo."

Hey, look, there were other humans on the show! Mr. Greenjeans and friends help Mr. Moose make a movie with a surprise ending.

Dolly Parton visited the Captain, who I think did an excellent job of not looking down. Mr. Moose threatens, but does not execute, more ping-pong ball mayhem. This clip features Dancing Bear doing his creepy thing, although I think Mr. Greenjeans outcreeps him by flirting with a stuffed dance partner.

Joel and the Bots pay tribute on MST3K, with Crow standing in for Mr. Moose.

Finally, here are a couple of touching obituaries from 2004, when we lost Bob Keeshan.

I'll go back to being all satirical and stuff tomorrow. For today, enjoy the clips...and beware of falling ping-pong balls.

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