Friday, May 27, 2011

Awesome Website of the Day, 1970s Edition

I plan to do a good bit of posting over the three-day weekend - maybe even a Blogathon if I feel inspired and buy a new bottle of vodka (probably not that in order) - but for now I give you this.

Plaid Stallions is a truly addictive blog that I found by Googling "horrible 70s clothes." Random Google searches are my passion. But Plaid Stallions is about more than leisure suits and unisex sweaters. It's a cornucopia of all things tacky and wonderful from the 1970s, which covers a lot. If you were there, you'll get all nostalgic and smile knowingly and shit. If you weren't there, you'll laugh your butt off, and frankly the decade deserves it. Fashion, toys, dangerous playground equipment: no downers like Watergate or desegregation here, just page after page of fun stuff.

Here's an image I pinched to entice you:

Pretty boss, amiright?
 Just go there now. And come back here later. I'll have stuff that maybe I didn't just steal from somewhere else. Again, this will depend on the availability of vodka. See you then!

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