Friday, April 22, 2011

Peeps for My Peeps

Combining the religious, the secular, and the probably-going-to-Hell, I bring you Easter greetings in the form of Jesus rendered in Marshmallow Peeps.

I'm serious about the going to Hell part.  As I searched for images, my computer started doing some seriously wacky shit.  God has set His hacker seraphs upon me, I fear.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a Peeps rosary.  Father, forgive me for my sins...yes, again.

First up is perhaps the most famous rendering of Christ in sugar-coated marshmallow goodness:  "Jesus of Peeps," by Janet Galore.  See the artist's original blog post here.

"Jesus of Peeps," by Janet Galore.
Next is Jesus preaching to his Peeps.  Personally, I would have rendered the Lord as a chick rather than a bunny, but OK.  I found this image in several spots on the Web, and as a result I don't have a proper attribution for its creator.  If anyone can supply it, I'd be happy to give him/her credit.

I just love this detailed rendition of Leonardo daVinci's The Last Supper.  (Again, I can't be sure about the origins of this creation, so my apologies to the artist until I get clarification.)

Here's the story of Christ told in stop-motion animated Peeps and other yummy Easter candy:

And finally, we have entire Stations of the Cross portrayed in Peep form. 

You can see the entire Passion on

Excellent job, Peeps artists!  Happy Easter to everyone.  I'm going to look for green and purple chicks, because those look awesome.  And I'm going to wrap this up, because really, there is some weird stuff going on as I type this.  Something has possessed my monitor.  Could it be...

They are devilishly delicious.

Or I need to clear my cache.  Whatever. 

For more information about Peeps, visit the Marshmallow Peeps website.  I'm going to go say 10 Our Fathers and two choruses of "I Don't Know How to Love Him."  Peace!

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