Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Freaking Eyes, Part 2 - Rocking the Frames (with a Very Special Guest)

If you read my post from earlier today, you know that I'm about to get new glasses for the first time since the Clinton presidency (well, damn, when you say it like that it sounds like a long time). 

Yesterday I had the exam and discovered I have squirrelly eyes.

Not literally...that would be creepy.
(Photo from http://www.gildedspruce.com/)
 Now I have to actually pick some 21st-century frames.  I thought maybe my dear readers could help me make this important choice, so I went over the PearleVision website to virtually try out some looks via their PickMyPair tool.  Despite the vaguely obscene-sounding name, this is actually a cool online "mirror" where you can see how you'll look in glasses by simply uploading a picture of yourself. 

I admit I copped to vanity and didn't use a picture of me, per se.  Instead I uploaded an image of the lovely and popular Bronx Zoo's Cobra to act as my model.  She's very pretty and looks quite fetching in some of these glasses.  Just picture her with blue eyes and a slightly larger nose, and you've pretty much got me in your sights.

Ready to help me decide?  OK.  First I tried on a classic look with softly rounded brown plastic frames:

Next I thought maybe a more contemporary look with these half-rimmed titanium frames:

These are kind of trendy and cool in purple - my favorite color, and happens to look great with scales, too:

These are totally rimless and a more square shape; not my favorite, but hey, maybe a reader or good-looking male cobra out there will like them:

Then I thought, maybe some playful nerd chic?  Bronx Zoo's Cobra obviously is no nerd; still, it's a fun, retro look for a snake (formerly) about town:

I like this modern-classic style a lot, and it's quite flattering, at least on my model:

Now, these are funky, fun, and fabulous.  The side detail nicely complements her scales, but on me, I'm afraid they might just accentuate that annoying age spot next to my eye:

A very similar style to the above, but without the side detail.  The Bronx Zoo's Cobra looks a tad washed out in these; what chance do I have?

Here's a bold look in bright red.  Snakes don't see color as well as humans, so zoo visitors might enjoy these more than reptile house neighbors.  I look pretty good in red (not as good as my model, of course!)

Finally, we see some dark, rather severe frames for the gal who wants to be taken seriously.  I know I do.  I think Bronx Zoo's Cobra does, too.  The squirrel at the top of the page laughed at her in glasses and has since been devoured.

So what do you think?  I've got to choose some frames soon, so if you have a preference, let me know on my Facebook page or e-mail me.

Remember, everyone should have his or her eyes checked once a year.  That includes snakes.  I've got to think that Bronx Zoo's Cobra never would have let herself be caught if she'd seen 'em coming.

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