Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beautiful Women and Their Siamese Cats

I've mentioned that I have a Siamese cat.  She is typical of her breed:  beautiful, loud, affectionate, loud, energetic, and loud.  She has crossed eyes and a kinked tail, like many Siamese, and she's in love with our dog, much to the dog's consternation.

What I like about Siamese cats is that they're utterly recognizable.  When you see one, you know just what you've got (see above, with emphasis on loud).  They are, in a word, iconic.

Which I suppose is why they tend to be attractive to iconic owners.  You don't have to look far to find pictures of famous people with their Siamese cats.  The pairing of beautiful people with beautiful Meezers was especially popular in the 1940s and 1950s, when Siamese enjoyed a surge in popularity. 

So today I present a gallery of famous actresses (plus a few others) and their blue-eyed kitties.  I want to give a shout-out to a wonderful blog called Siamkatzen, which features a celebrity page from which I took some of these images. Also, Out of the Past: A Classic Film Blog has an Actresses with Kittens entry that includes several shots of lovely ladies and Siamese cats.  Finally, the website Black and Tan Siamese has a wonderful collection devoted to this type of picture.  From these sources and others I gathered my favorite shots in tribute to my Chelsea, whose beauty makes me look good.  And who is loud.

My second-favorite Siamese cat.
Famous Actresses (Mostly) and Siamese Cats

Elizabeth Taylor loved animals.  I can see why
she'd be partial to cats with uniquely-colored eyes.

Gloria Grahame had a Meezer-like feistiness about her.

Jayne Mansfield liked Siamese...and leopards, apparently.

They didn't call Jane Fonda a sex kitten for nothing.

Frankly, my dear, Vivien Leigh was crazy about her Siamese cats
and was often photographed with them.

Leigh's Gone With the Wind co-star Olivia deHavilland
also loved her some Meezers.

Kim Novak famously shared the screen with a Siamese in
Bell, Book, and Candle and several in this Life photo.

Ava Gardner cavorted with then-husband Artie Shaw's Siamese.
This picture was a publicity shot for "Bewitched,"
but Elizabeth Montgomery owned a Siamese in real life, too.

Grace Kelly showed foreshadowed her ascent
 to royalty by posing with a regal Meezer.
Between Sophia Loren and a Siamese,
there's a lot of gorgeous going on here.

Another stunning Italian actress, Claudia Cardinale,
with another stunning Meezer.

Carole Lombard, husband Clark Gable, and their twin Siamese
(Siamese twins?). I guess to star in Gone with the Wind,
you had to have a couple.

James Dean was a dude, obviously, but Elizabeth Taylor
gave him this pretty kitty, so I'll let him in.

Frank Zappa was a dude and not even an actor. 
But look at the cute little Siamese!

And since we've strayed from the theme, I thought I'd conclude
with this adorable picture of John Lennon with a Siamese admirer.

All together now...Aaaawwww!


  1. I once had a Siamese cat...or should I say, she once had me. (Yeah, I love The Beatles, too - four very talented and lovely Englishmen.) They are very special cats. Mine was called Blue and she sure made life interesting! (Now I've got a tuxedo kitty, another girl. She fetches like a dog and likes to get in the shower with me - perv!)

  2. I have a Siamese *and* a tuxedo cat, so you can imagine how interesting my life can get! Thanks for reading, Bobbi!

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