Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Sixty-Three Year Old Man

On March 26, Steven Tyler, "American Idol" judge and lead singer in some band or other, turned 63.  Which means that he and my dad could have been in high school together.  Now, Dad has always been a rock 'n roll guy, but it's hard to imagine him rocking this look:

Dad would need a hell of a weave, for one thing.
Of course, Steven Tyler is a performer, and all performers wear costumes.  I'm sure when he's not onstage, he dresses more appropriately for his age.

That's more like it.  Sensible shoes, a walking stick to support his bad knees, and a comfy cardigan.  Probably a leopard-print thong underneath (hey, maybe it was gift from his grandson).

Happy Birthday, Steven.  Next year, Sir Paul can serenade you with "When I'm Sixty-four."  Maybe you can meet up at the hair salon for your monthly application of shoe polish.  Hugs!

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