Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Apology

I feel I need to apologize.  I was just checking my blogstats, and apparently an unsuspecting citizen arrived at Always Drunk via a Google search for "teddy bear costume." Instead he/she landed on this:

This of course is a placenta teddy bear.  And no decent person hoping to fulfill a child's innocent wish to dress up as a stuffed bear should ever have to see such a thing. My apologies for being a repository of such filth.

Unless you're one of those furries.  In that case, I'm sure nothing shocks you, and if it did maybe it would give you a push in the right direction toward getting some perspective on your life.  I mean, damn.  Not judging here, but damn.

But if you're somebody's grandma, I'm truly sorry if this image troubled you.  Unless you're a grandma who is also a furry.  Then, you know, try playing Scrabble or something.  Damn.

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