Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awesome Website of the Day

Here is your fabulous time-wasting website for the day:  Screenplays for You.

This extremely minimalist site consists entirely of movie scripts, listed alphabetically and including the author, date, and in many cases the version of the script (some are drafts, others are actual shooting scripts or post-production writeups).  Just click on a title and you get every line of dialogue, every camera angle, every staging direction, just as the screenwriter delivered it to the studio. 

The unnamed creator of this site deserves huge props.  I don't know how many scripts there are in all here, but there are certainly hundreds.  I found everything from All About Eve to Airplane! to The Matrix to Pirates of the Caribbean.  And Psycho, which has one of the best screenplays ever and is what led me to this site in the first place.

And now I'll repeat here what's posted there:  "All movie scripts and screenplays on 'Screenplays for You' site are intended for fair use only."  So don't go spoiling this incredible free resource by trying to take credit or make a buck, OK?  OK.


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