Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Technology Bites

My teeth have been clenched for hours.  I have a headache, and I'm exhausted.  Here's what I spent today doing:

1.  Wrangling with my cell phone provider about rates, plans, contracts, and devices - and still not ending up with a new phone for myself.
2.  Training my replacement at my soon-to-be-former job on our project management/accounting software, which has decided to intermittently malfunction during this critical transition period.
3.  Configuring and reconfiguring every wireless device in my house (wi-fi phone, wireless router, laptop, Nintendo DSi - the kid's iPod Touch was at school, thank goodness).  Then realizing that they can't be set up to all work on the same network and reconfiguring again.
4.  Watching the Rangers lose Game 5 of the ALCS.

Not a productive day.

I hate technology today, and the irony that I'm blogging about it via broadband is not lost on me, thank you.  That's why I'm keeping it short:  so I can get off the computer and pretend it's still 1950 and I have only radio to entertain me.  Speaking of which, I listened to most of Game 5 on the radio before getting home to see the final innings on TV.  I haven't listened to a baseball game on the radio in years.  It was wonderful to listen and use my imagination to bring the match to life in my head.  Much more so than staring at screens and punching buttons and talking into speakers.  I hate to take the series to a sixth game (don't even think about a seventh!), but an extra game of baseball sure beats an afternoon of menu prompts or an evening of tweaking router settings.

I'm going to go unclench my teeth now.  Drink a Coke.  Maybe play some Cat's Cradle or Yahtzee, something that does its thing without electricity.  And wait to hear the crack of the bat tomorrow, the sweetest low-tech sound I know.  Good night, technology.

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