Friday, October 8, 2010

A Short Friday Post

I had an interesting week. 

I went to the State Fair of Texas, which is always a fabulous thing to do.  Click here for my State Fair post from last year, which still pretty much sums it up.  Except that Precocious Daughter got to be a cheerleader at the Pig Races this year.  How awesome is that?

I started a new sewing project.  Last week I couldn't even walk across my sewing room, but then Beloved Spouse cleaned it for me.  So I've laid out the pattern for a new top.  One of the reasons this will be a short post is so I can get back to it.

I marked 21 days without a drink.  Today, in fact.  I think I can make it to 30 days, as I promised myself.  By the way, I've lost six pounds in the last 21 days.  That's right: apparently my body mass was approximately 4% vodka.

Also, I made one very huge change in my life this week.  I can't discuss it yet.  But I will, in this very space.  Because it's something I want to shout about.  But I can't - not yet.

Finally, I think I decided that I've had it for good with organized religion.  That's something to discuss next time.  Right now I'm going to do something more important.  My sewing room is calling.  I suggest you log off and have an interesting weekend.

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