Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Short and Sweet

There are so many things (I like to tell myself) that stand in the way of my pursuit of an intoxicating life.  Some I can control, some I can't.  And some I don't want to, because although I technically could call them obstacles on my self-important road to self-realization, they're really more like speed bumps:  pieces of life placed in my path deliberately, not to stop me, but to slow me down, and with damn good reason.  I can't complain when these things impede my progress through life, because (when I'm being honest) I know they are my progress through life. 

Case in point:  No sewing tonight, no posting auctions on eBay, precious little bloggery.  No drinking, no online games, no indulging my sweet tooth.  Tonight was softball night.  The last night of summer turned out to be a perfect fall-like evening for watching Precocious Daughter and her fall-ball team get their first win.  PDaughter played through a minor injury, batting and fielding with a ridiculous gauze bandage on her index finger.  Well-matched against their opponent, they pulled out a 4-2 victory with a game-ending double play.  She ran off the diamond tonight, smiling and beaming, happy and proud.  It was her moment, it had nothing to do with me. Except that it was hers and she wanted to share it with me.  And that was pretty damn intoxicating.

Short and sweet.

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