Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For My Next Real Post...

As Norman Bates said in Psycho, "A hobby is supposed to pass the time, not fill it." Norman had a number of interesting hobbies, including taxidermy, voyeurism, and cross-dressing, and still he found time to stab people to death. Not a good man, but a busy man.

Anyway, when I started this blog I was afraid that I'd be posting at least daily, demonstrating to the world (or to the infinitesimally small part of it that reads this blog) that I had no life. My little online hobby would be filling my time, not passing it. But since starting to write, something of a mixed blessing has been visited upon me: My life has become interesting. In the Chinese-curse way, not the Robert-Downey-Jr.-insisting-I-be-his-next-costar way. You probably guessed that.

I'm clinging to employment by the grace of an indefatigable boss who won't let us go under. Both my car and my Beloved Spouse's have recently decided to see what all those pretty warning lights on their dashboards mean. Precocious Daughter keeps adding activities to her schedule, demanding that I act alternately as her chauffeur and executioner as her behavior threatens her continuted participation. And I'm awakening to the fact that large bottles of vodka seem to turn into empty bottles with increasing speed when I'm around.

What all this means is that "Horrible Sanity" is becoming another thing-I-have-to-squeeze-in. Honestly, I'd blog all day if I could. It keeps me grounded, it's the best mental exercise I've had in a long time, and I like to see my words in print, even if it's only on a little Internet site that I created myself. All of which are stellar reasons to make it a priority. Better than worrying about my job, which is in the hands of corporate politicians anyway. Better than stressing over the cars, which at least are paid off and for the moment still running. Better than yelling myself blue at PDaughter, whose will and wit make me so proud inside, even though I have to hide it beneath disapproving frowns.

That's all I have today. No time - something very important is on the schedule. I've taken the day off, I'm pulling the kid out of school early, and we're heading for the State Fair of Texas. If you've never been, don't worry: I'll tell you all about that in my next real post.

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