Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Name Name Name

As several of you have pointed out...

...Precocious Daughter has not yet named her car.

I mean, does this pretty boi deserve a name or what?

In Casa Baudelaire, we name everything.

PDaughter's clarinet is named Lawrence.

My car is named Benedict Cumberhatch.


Yet this beautiful 2015 Mazda3 lacks a name.

So I'm throwing it open to my loyal Drunkards.

Suggest a name for PDaughter's whip.

It's a sparkly black compact sedan, just so ya know.

All monikers will be considered.


Monday, June 18, 2018


This past Saturday, Precocious Daughter got a car.

Her grandfather - my Dad - paid for this awesome first ride. I can't even begin to express my gratitude. I feel as if every argument and clash we've experienced is worth it if the result is that my PDaughter has this amazing little sedan at her disposal.

It's a Mazda 3. It's a year newer than my Benedict Cumberhatch and has about half as many miles. It's pretty stripped down, relatively speaking, but I feel it's a perfect first car that way.

And I also feel...that maybe now we're roommates?

I mean, I'll always be her mom. She'll always be my kid. Yet...

She's 18. She's a high school graduate, and an incoming college freshman. She has a job interview in two days.

When she wants to go out, she tells me. She doesn't ask me.

She needs new contact lenses. She'll get them this week, without me.

My heart is so light. Yet so full.

My life is good.

THANK YOU to all who have helped make it so.

Our lives are different, but we all simply want to advance on our prior inspirations.

Whether you have kids or not, I hope you're looking to live beyond yourselves.

I believe in all of us. 

<3 <3 <3