Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Home Sweet Home

Precocious Daughter is home for Thanksgiving week.

We're having ham, friend. Truce?
She's never more than 30 minutes from me when she's "away" at school, and she visits at least once a week, so it's not as if this is a major homecoming. But it does mark roughly three months that I've been living mostly on my own. And it's nice to have a break from that.

It's nice to hear someone else moving around, you know? 

Other than the Siamese Kitten. At least PDaughter doesn't zoom back and forth in the middle of the night.

Is that why they do it?
It's nice to have a well-stocked fridge. She actually eats 2-3 meals a day - I've kind of gotten out of that habit, honestly.

It's nice to listen to her talk and laugh and make goofy sounds (she gets the random-goofy-sound gene from me, but I when I'm by myself, I mostly just stay silent).

It's just nice to have her around.

On Thursday we'll make Thanksgiving dinner - not a huge production, but all the basics. And after we've eaten, she'll pack up the leftovers and take them to her dad. Yes, I'm making Thanksgiving dinner for my ex. 

Not even the weirdest thing to happen since we split.

It's all good.

On Friday, PDaughter and I are going to see a performance of The Nutcracker. And Saturday is her birthday. She'll be 19 - the last of her teenage years, and probably the last year I can consider her in any way a child.

And on Sunday, she'll go back to her dorm to finish her first semester of college.

Time flies, doesn't it?

American Drunkards...what are your plans for Thanksgiving week?

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Here in America,Thanksgiving is a week from today. You might not know that from all the freaking Christmas commercials on TV, but it's true.

As far as I'm concerned, Christmas can fuck off until at least December 1. So let's talk about giving thanks.

I'm thankful for:

Technology that lets me access both the internet and my favorite TV channels even though my laptop has a busted screen.

Wonderful people who have offered to buy me a new laptop (thanks, but see above).

An amazing daughter who is determined to be a self-sufficient, fiscally responsible college student.

Clients who actually pay for my freelance writing services.

A cat who keeps me warm on chilly nights and purrs loudly when I offer chin scratches.

Friends who stick with me when I don't necessarily give them reason to want to.

Twitter, for making me laugh every damn day.

What are you guys grateful for? Share with me, please.