Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thoughts on watching the Democratic National Convention tonight:

When I was a woman in my 20s, I was married, building a career, and didn't have health insurance. I went to my local Planned Parenthood clinic for annual gynecological exams (which were also my sole annual health exams) and to obtain birth control. Because of those services, it was never necessary to visit PP for an abortion or an STD test.

At the same time, because I paid (according to my ability) to receive the valuable services I obtained from PP, I helped ensure that other women, who did require abortions or STD treatment, had access to the services they needed.

Eventually I was able to afford private health insurance. But my support for PP never waned.

I am now past the age/biological ability to get pregnant. I'm in a committed relationship with a man who happens to suffer from herpes (obtained from his ex-wife). It doesn't matter to either of us, because we are non-reproductive and exclusive.

But there are thousands - millions? - of American women who are where I was 20+ years ago as a young, uninsured female.

Safe, legal abortions are necessary so that women can achieve their full potential, regardless of the vagaries of fragile relationships.

Affordable health care should be available to women who can't otherwise pay for basic services...no matter what the ACA says.

As long as a single American man lives and breathes who somehow believes he gets to fuck women but isn't responsible for the lives he creates, I back PP over the existing patriarchy.

And as long as the Democratic Party supports my experience over the belief that women are universally culpalbe for their suffering, I back PP over the existing patriarchy.

And as long as I am subject to ridicule and abuse for daring to suggest that women deserve more than are fucking getting...

I back women. And women's rights. And politicians who stand with women.


I don't support Hillary Clinton.

But I support the Democratic Party. At the expense of the ignorant, resistant members of the Republican Party.

Vote America, you guys.

Vote fucking America.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday, As It Is

A few thoughts on a Friday night:

I skipped the last five-day bean post. There's nothing to report. I'm on day 68 of a 65-day growing season, and there's nary a sign of a bean on my four remaining plants. They're healthy, strong, growing, but show no inclination to ever bear fruit. At this point they're a metaphor for my life, nothing more.

I'm just a Metapod, all defense and no evolution.

Jon Stewart appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" last night. He's a smart, funny, astute commentator on our culture. Why the fuck do I hate him so much? I mean, other than the smirk. The goddamn smirk. I think what it is, is that every time I watch Jon Stewart, I think, "I can do that, what he's doing there on the TV." And I could. Except I don't, and he does, and I resent the crap out of that. And him. Two words, Stewart: Grecian Formula. Two more: Stop with the friggin' smirk. That possibly is more than two words.

Precocious Daughter is seeing the new Star Trek movie tonight. With her father. Because he made sure to invite her to see it before I did. And now I probably won't see the new Star Trek movie at all, as I don't know anyone else who would want to see it with me. I guess I'll buy it on Blu-Ray when it comes out several months from now. Divorce in a nutshell: See movies alone or wait for them to come out on video. I'm OK with that. Really.

Trump. I can't even. I honestly would rather see him be elected President than Hillary. Yes, really. I know what it's like to have a crazy elitist white male Republican President. A female former First Lady-Senator-Secretary of State-entitled career politician who thinks she's above the law? Not so much.

Have I mentioned that I love being single? Because I do. Life is not all peaches and cream, but it's all on me, and I own every good and bad moment. My family and friends are my entire life. The rest is just noise. I'm happy.

Have an amazing weekend, Drunkards. I love you.